How to Get a Protection / Suspension Decision in Turkey?


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The protection order regulated within the scope of the Protection of Family and Prevention of Violence Against Women numbered 6284 is examined under two headings in the relevant law.

These headings appear as protective cautionary decisions and preventive cautionary decisions. These decisions are made by the administrative chief (governor, district governor) and family courts.


Protective Injunction Decisions Made by the Local Administrative Authority


We can examine these decisions under four headings;

• Providing shelter for himself and his children of the person to whom the protective injunction will be applied,

• To provide temporary financial aid,

• To provide guidance and consultancy services in psychological, professional, legal and social aspects,

• To protect the person in case of life threatening.


Protective Injunction Decisions Made by Courts


We can examine the decisions made by the Family Courts under four headings;

• Change of workplace address or workplace,

• If the person to whom the protection injunction is married, his / her placement in a different place from the common settlement,

• Placing a family residence annotation on the land registry,

• And finally, changing the identity information and other documents of the protected person in case the life safety of the protected person is in danger.

Preventive Injunction Protection Decisions by Family Courts


We can list the protection orders to be taken by the Family Courts against the spouse exposed to violence as follows;

• Threatening, insulting, insulting or humiliating words and behaviors that suggest violence,

• Suspension from the family home or allocation of the family residence to the person to be protected,

• The person who has been given a suspension decision cannot enter the housing, workplace or school where the protected persons are located and cannot approach these areas,

• If there is a decision to establish a personal relationship with children, this relationship should be accompanied by a companion and the personal relationship should be done in company with a companion, and personal relationships are completely removed by the court,

• Not damaging the belongings of the protected person,

• Not disturbing the protected person by communicating in any way, • Handing over guns with possession or carrying license to law enforcement officers,

• In the event that the person who has a suspension order performs a military, police or public duty that is obliged to carry a gun, this person should deliver his weapon to the embezzlement institution

• Applying to a health institution for examination and treatment and providing treatment.


Criminal Sanction in the Event of Violation of the Protection Injunction

If the person who is subject to a suspension order violates the protection measure against the person under protection, the person will be sentenced to imprisonment from 3 days to 10 days in accordance with the law numbered 6284. If this behavior is repeated, the penalty will be extended between 15 days and 30 days.



Suspension Time and Extension


The cautionary decision can be given for a maximum of six months at the first time. However, in cases where it is understood that the threat of violence or violence will continue, it may be decided to change the duration or form of the measures, to abolish these injunctions or to continue as they are, upon the request of the protected person or the Ministry or law enforcement officials.


How Many Days Will a Suspension and Protection Decision Be Made?


The requests for injunctions regarding the removal and protection orders can be made within the same day or within 1-2 days, depending on the density of the courts.


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protection &suspension decision Turkey, Turkish injunction decision, family protection lawyer, solicitor, advocate, attorney Turkey, preventing decision Turkey