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How is the Immovable Value Required for Citizenship Determined in the Land Registry?

The sales price/prices declared in the official promissory note and/or the sum of the value/values ​​determined in the sales promise, the sum of the value/values ​​in the valuation report and the sum of the transfers/payments, that is, the three value types based on the valuation should provide the sought value.

How should the sale price of the immovable be transferred?

It is possible to transfer the sales price from a foreign country or through banks in our country, in foreign currency or its equivalent in Turkish currency. The price must be documented with a receipt approved by the banks to which the real estate buyer/relevant has sent/paid. Payments made by hand are not valid.

Can I Apply For Turkish Citizenship Acquisition Through Exceptional Way For Immovables That Have Been Taken Before?

For the immovable purchased between 12.01.2017-18.09.2018, the value of the immovable(s) is at least $1,000,000; The value of the immovable(s) to be purchased for the date of 19.09.2018 and after is at least $250,000; After 07.12.2018, the value of the immovable/immovables for which a preliminary sale contract has been/will be drawn up must be worth 250,000 USD.

Can I Apply for Turkish Citizenship Acquisition by Exceptional Way with Immovables Purchased as Shares?

The share value of at least $ 1,000,000 for the real estate purchased between 12.01.2017 and 18.09.2018; For real estate purchased on or after 19.09.2018, it can be applied for at least $250,000.

Can the number of real estate to be purchased to acquire Turkish citizenship be more than one?

There is no limitation on the number of immovables to be acquired through sale or subject to the promise of sale. It is important to find the value totals sought on the dates specified in the regulation.

Should All the Real Estates Be Purchased at the Same Time?

It is possible to apply for immovables purchased at different times and in different places.

What should be the nature of the immovable?

The quality of the real estate is not important in the process of placing a commitment through purchase. (It can be a residence, workplace, land, field, garden, etc.) In the process of placing a commitment through a preliminary sales contract drawn up at the notary public, the condominium or floor easement must be in the nature of an established immovable.

Can Foreigners who are Managers or Partners of a Foreign Capital Company Apply for Citizenship with the Real Estate Owned (Taken in the Name of the Company)?

It cannot be applied because the right to acquire citizenship in an exceptional way by purchasing immovables is valid for immovables purchased by real persons.

Are There Any Obstacles in Purchasing the Real Estate Owned by the Company?(Can the real estate seller be a company?)

Immovable(s) subject to sale or promise to sell; Subject to Article 36 of the Land Registry Law, in the name of the company legal entity in which the foreign natural person who will acquire the right is the partner or manager of himself, his spouse and children, or the partner of foreign real persons of the same nationality (foreigner/ international capital) company should not be registered in the name of the legal entity.

Is There Any Importance In The Citizenship Application From Whom The Immovable Is Acquired?

The immovable(s) subject to sale or promise to sell must not be immovables transferred to a Turkish citizen/company by the foreign real person, who will acquire immovable for citizenship purposes, by himself, his spouse and children or by a foreign real person of the same nationality after 12.01.2017.

However, after the transfer of the real estate registered in the name of a foreign real person after 12.01.2017 to a Turkish citizen/company, it is possible to acquire it by a foreign real person from a different nationality for the purpose of obtaining citizenship.

Is it possible to sell the immovable before the expiry of the annotation (3 years) on the title deed?

This situation is brought into question by the Land Registry Directorate to the Provincial Directorate of Population and Citizenship, and the situation regarding citizenship is re-evaluated.

Is it possible to apply for citizenship even if the purchased real estate is mortgaged?

In case the immovable is acquired by sale-mortgage (purchase on credit); After deducting the loan amount from the sales price in determining the sought value, the remaining portion should be at least as much as the amount sought in the regulation.

In legal mortgage sales; The amount paid in advance, excluding the mortgage fee, must be at least as much as the amount sought in the regulation.

It is possible to apply for citizenship if it is purchased by accepting an existing mortgage or lien. In this case, the mortgage price is not deducted from the sales price.

Can the Applications for the Acquisition of Real Estate for the Exceptional Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship and a Commitment Not to Sell for Three Years Be Made by Power of Attorney?

It is possible if the power of attorney is authorized for these matters.

Can I Apply for Turkish Citizenship with a Preliminary Sales Contract?

On and after 07.12.2018; For real estate where condominium or floor easement has been established, at least 250.000 USD or equivalent is paid after this date and in cash (at the latest notary public signing date of the contract), the commitment not to be transferred or canceled for a period of three years. Application can be made after annotation in the registry.

Is Installment Sales Possible?

Installment payments made after 12.01.2017, when the regulation entered into force, will be collected by calculating the exchange rate. Even if the sale/deed transfer is made in the period of 250,000 USD after 19.09.2018, payments made after 12.01.2017 are taken into account. In other words, the payments made in the period of 1000.000 USD are valid for the sales transaction in the 250,000 USD period.

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