Currency Regulations For Foreigners Buying Real Estate in Turkey


Currency Purchase Document Turkey, Currency Sale Certificate Turkey, Buying Real Estate Regulations Turkey

The sought value will be determined on the basis of the official promissory note (sales) or sales promise contract values ​​issued within the scope of the procedures and principles set forth in the circular numbered 2022/1 "Currency Purchase Document for Foreign Natural Real Acquisitions". In this context, the sale price must be sold to a bank to be sold to the Central Bank in USD or equivalent foreign currency by the buyer, seller, their proxies or representatives, and the "Currency Purchase Certificate" to be issued by the bank must be submitted to the Land Registry Directorate before the sale.


In the “Currency Purchase Document; As a minimum, the name, surname, passport number or Foreigner Identification Number of the person on whose behalf the currency is exchanged, must be in US Dollar equivalent of the foreign currency bought (in any case in TL equivalent). In addition, there should be a statement stating that this transaction was carried out within the scope of acquisition of Turkish citizenship or Article 13 of the Circular on Capital Movements. An official promissory note (sales) will be issued by the Land Registry Office, based on the TL value shown in the "Currency Purchase Document". For this reason, no payment item (commission, expense, etc.) will be included in the foreign currency sales amount based on the declared value, other than the real estate sales / promise to sell the contract price. In this respect, special attention should be paid to the foreign currency sales amount, since the value declared in the official promissory note (sale) will be made to the bank within the scope of these regulations.


No additional currency calculation will be made by the Land Registry Directorate regarding the sales or promise value of sales, and the "Currency Purchase Certificate" will be taken as the basis for the value determination. In the transactions to be made, the issues related to the payment of the sales price, the sale of foreign currency and the expenses that may arise from the exchange rate differences by the buyer or the seller, are subject to the initiative of the parties and their responsibilities, and the payment amounts should be determined accordingly.


In the acquisition of real estate by foreigners, it is possible to draw up a preliminary sales contract in USD or other foreign currency. In this case, the TL value in the "Currency Purchase Document" is taken as the basis for the fee.


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Currency Purchase Document Turkey, Currency Sale Certificate Turkey, Buying Real Estate Regulations Turkey