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    I live in UK and my father had invested in Turkey.After he suddenly passed away,I had to deal with all inheritance process in Turkey.I made a research and decided to go through Turkish Law Centre.They handle my case very smoothly and organized everything for me.They know what they are doing and very professional on their job.I highly recommend them to anyone who need a legal assistance in Turkey.


    I am from Kuwait and I bought a property from Turkey for investment and rented it.After I started not getting my rent payments and I decided to take an action against the tenant.I was adviced by one of my relatives to contact Turkish Law Centre.They have the understanding of foreigners and they quickly handled my case and took out my tenant in a year.I am vert happy and satisfied with their service and highly recommend them.


    I am from Saudi Arabia.Me and my partners decided to establish a company in Istanbul Turkey but we were quite afraid and confused about doing it.We did some research on web and found out Turkish Law Centre.I understood how professional they are from their first email.Since then ,we use Turkish Law Centre as our lawyer in Turkey.They are very professional as a team and supporting all your rights in any place.


    I am from Dubai and invested in a project in Istanbul Turkey.The company did not finish the project and also was not keen on delivering the deeds to me.I contacted and get some advice from Turkish Law Centre.After a few months I decided to get a legal action against the company.Turkish Law Centre team explained all my rights with all details and also explained what I can be face to face during the case.They were very open to me and hopefully I got all my apartments under my name at the end.Thank you!


    very nice and professional people who really give an added value...the 30 minute free consultation has really answered a lot of my questions..thank you!




    أفضل محامي الجنسية التركية للحصول على الجنسية التركية عن طريق الاستثمار في تركيا


    After reading the reviews of Turkish Law Centre, we decided to contact with them for our legal assistance need for a property purchase in Turkey.Quality service, affordable fees and Professional service is guarantee by an expert fluent english speaking lawyer in Turkey.Really appreciate their service.


    Turkish Law Centre did the required work of the anti dumping tax process in Turkey for our company.Really Professional, quality service.Highly recommended in tax law in Turkey.


    The best lawyer team for Professional Legal Assistance and Supervision to acquire Turkish Citizenship by Investment in Turkey.Turkish Law Centre is aware of new Turkish Citizenship regulation for foreign investors and application procedures.Highly recommended.


    In the case that I could not go to Turkey, the lawyer assisted me with the house transfer procedure very responsibly. If there are other businesses, I will still choose them.


    افضل محامي طلاق في تركيا


    افضل محامى فى تركيا


    The best divorce case lawyer in Turkey.


    The best lawyer in Turkey. Highly recommended.


    An expert lawyer in business dispute cases in Turkey.They handled our debt claim case in Turkey and came to conclusion very quickly.They are very knowledge at business law in Turkey.Thank you for everything!


    Very good divorce lawyer in Turkey.Handled my problematic divorce case in Turkey calmly.I thought I would get lost as I am not aware of any divorce law in Turkey.I was explained all my rights with every details about custody,alimony and compensation.Highly recommended.


    If any company from abroad is looking for a law firm in Turkey who can assist them for establishing a company in Turkey, they can contact directly Turkish Law Centre.Very professional, no hidden costs, well-organized legal team in Turkey.


    We were looking for a lawyer who is expert in probate cases in Turkey and after our investigation we found Turkish Law Centre. We contacted them and from the first point they were all nice and explained our rights properly. Finally we got our reserves share within the successful support of them. Thank you for everything. Really appreciate.


    The best inheritance lawyer in Turkey. They are very well-versed in inheritance law in Turkey. Highly professional. We can advice them to anyone who needs legal assistance in Turkey.


    We had purchased an off plan property and did contract with the construction company.We as a group of 23 people, waited for a few years to get our deeds under our names however the company was not willing to give the deeds to us.We contacted Turkish Law Centre and did online meeting.They explained us everything as simple as possible.We decided to work through Turkish Law Centre and they handled the process as smooth as possible.Finally we made an agreement.We are so happy about the service that we got.Highly recommended!


    They handled our citizenship process in Turkey by investment and the service that we got from them is second to none.We were quite not sure at the beginning but they are very helpful and answered all our questions without any missings.We advice them to anyone who needs legal assistance in Turkey.


    I am living abroad and I was searching for a lawyer who will look after my divorce case in Turkey.I did not think that that my case would finalize that easily as I did not need to go to Turkey.Their service price is also affordable comparing to other law firms.They are very organized and informing you about all the procedure.Best lawyer, best law firm and best service.Thank you!


    We were looking for a law firm in Turkey to assist us for establishing a company in Turkey.We contacted Turkish Law Centre.They informed us about all the procedure and the steps need to be followed.All went through so quick and easy as they are so Professional. We can highly recommend them.


    I had a half hour consultation about a tenancy issue and found them to be very helpful.


    Thank you for helping me...I definitely recommend them!


    I cannot say enough great things about them. My whole experience was as smooth as possible. If you need to hire an attorney in Turkey i HIGHLY recommend them


    Honestly would not find a lawyer or a law office that understands your needs better than them. Very professional and considerate. Appreciate your help always. Good luck and great job